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Ophir Drilling is proud to run an extensively maintained, versatile and state of the art fleet that boasts some of the most advanced, progressive, and efficient drill rigs in Australia. When combined with the experience and knowledge of our team members, we are able to deliver outstanding results for our clients across the whole of NSW.

The safety of our staff and maintenance of our fleet and equipment is a business-wide priority.  And in addition to our thorough equipment maintenance schedule, we constantly seek to review and improve our safety methods to ensure zero injuries and minimum downtime for our crews in the field.

We also understand that we have a responsibility to care for the environment for all future generations and where possible, above ground sumps are used to minimise surface disturbance and to support our commitment to rehabilitation and the approval requirements for our clients.

Sandvik DE881 Track Mounted Multi-Purpose Drill Rig

The Sandvik DE881 Track Mounted Multi-Purpose Drill Rig is the latest and safest fit out Sandvik Rig to leave the factory. Featuring all hands-free options and offering more depth capacity in both diamond and reverse circulation drilling, this rig is a superior and hardworking model.

At Ophir Drilling we have multiple track mounted large capacity rigs that allow us to operate in environmentally sensitive areas where running truck mounted rigs is impractical or impossible. Our DE881 is the largest capacity of its kind with depth ratings of diamond coring to PQ 1436m, HQ 2125m and NQ to 3200m.

Sandvik DE710/712

For versatility and responsibility when it comes to terrain, our Sandvik DE710/712 units leave a very small environmental footprint. Our ability to operate them remotely enables us to set up and complete programs successfully with minimal impact to the surrounding areas.

Sandvik DE880 / UDR1200 Truck & Track Mounted Multipurpose Drill Rig

Our Sandvik DE880 is a multipurpose drill rig that has an increased depth capacity in diamond drilling. Adaptable and strong, it can be configured to fit various transport applications like truck or crawler mounted and jack up styles. Our Sandvik DE880 rig performs reverse circulation drilling, rotary drilling technique and diamond core drilling with its 9m rod pull capacity. Meanwhile, the drilling capacity of the product is 3174 metres.

Support Equipment

Ophir Drilling has a flexible range of rigorously maintained support equipment enabling us to adapt to any environment and project as required. Our support equipment includes:

  • Toyota light vehicles
  • Mercedes trucks
  • Tracked support equipment
  • Allight lighting towers
  • Explorex Caravans
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